Congratulations! Now that you have a Monpetitpython made of genuine natural snakeskin, you have a jewel and will surely want to keep it forever for your daughters and granddaughters to enjoy.

Python skin is delicate and distinguished, and in order to keep its natural appearance and enhance its noble beauty you should give it all the care it requires, here are some tips:

1.- The first and basic thing is to always keep it in the cotton bag that we provide you with, with white tissue paper stuffed inside so that it keeps its original shape. Avoid newspaper, which could stain it, plastic bags, which do not allow the leather to breathe, and stacking or folding the bags.

2.- Store it in adry and dark place ; do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat from a radiator, as this may fade its original colour and crack it; do not store it in damp places either, as this may cause it to become mouldy.

3.- For daily cleaning of your bag use adry white cotton cloth to remove dust from the surface.

4.- If you need to enhance the original shine of the skin, which is inevitably lost with the passage of time, moisturise carefully applying a small amount of fluid cream indicated for this type of skin with a white cotton cloth in the original direction of the skin scales.

5.- If by accident your bag gets wet, never dry it with a hairdryer or direct heat source, the leather could crack, use a dry white cotton cloth to remove as much moisture as possible and let it dry naturally at room temperature.

6.- Make sure yourhands are clean and free of oils and creams before handling your bag. If you are going to keep perfumes, colognes or cosmetics in your bag, do so in a cosmetic bag to avoid accidents. All these products could stain the skin irreversibly.  

7.- Do not store the bag hanging and much less if it has weight inside, it could deform and damage the handles.

Take the same care with your Monpetitpython bracelets. Be especially careful when washing your hands, water can damage the skin.

Follow these easy tips and your Monpetitpython can stay in your family for generations to come, increasing its natural beauty every day. Enjoy it and if you don't have your own jewel-bags yet, we invite you to choose it right now.

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